“My name is Kristi and I have a 10-year old son with 15 Q Duplication and other diagnosis of autism.

I am writing this today because I need to help others who are as desperate for their child’s well being, as I am for mine. Karter was placed in 3 different hospitals, given multiple medications, went to a few different schools, and was asked not to come back to activities like Boy Scouts because he has OCD so bad with fire extinguishers. He enjoys seeing them, and a lot of the time, gets them off the wall, and of course they’re everywhere.

That’s not my whole story but I wanted to enlighten the struggle it has been for us for years in a small segment.

As parents, we listen to the doctors, and specialists

As parents, we listen to the doctors, and specialists provide us with their research and opinions, and of course fail at that because of Karter’s rare diagnosis, leading us to a dead end. We tried everything from special centers, to MRI’s, to medicating our child to the point he was a zombie. His schedule consisted of going to bed by 3:30 p.m. and waking at 7 a.m. That was not the life for any child.

When I found that nothing was working, I feared my job was at stake because every hour or so I would get a call or need to get to Karter. We eventually switched schools and had 4 different sitters because he was too much.

I cried daily. I was so frustrated and researched and fought for my son and literally thought we had run out of hope. My husband and I couldn’t do anything or go anywhere except to work, and as recently stated, that was an issue.

Finally, we met Bear, and like everything else

Finally, we met Bear, and like everything else, we were skeptical. I gave the appropriate dosage of hemp CBD oil to Karter, and after the first few days, we noticed his attitude was calmer, he was happier, and he did well in school. We tried the honey sticks, and he was a little more focused. We were not sure if we could believe it. Then we did another week, and Bear and I kept in contact and I logged every day how Karter was doing. He was doing great in school and to this day Karter goes to the post office, grocery store, and although not 100% perfect, this is him not drugged, but able to control himself by the help of these products.

Karter is a fun unbelievable little guy but isn’t himself on medication. This has been a benefit we are truly thankful for.







“RELIEF!! I have degenerative disc disease, bulging & herniated discs of the lower lumbar, progressive scoliosis, severe Lordosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Myasthenia Gravis and laundry list of “bad news” diagnoses. I am a “Terminal patient” with CVID and compliment disorder of “MBL” and several Autoimmune Disorders. I am a medical enigma.

I started on 99.4% pure Hemp CBD Oil two weeks ago. The oil is from Alternative Vibes. This is my personal experience, as it pertains to my unique medical disorders and diagnoses. I plan to live a quality life. Not a life measured in quantity. It’s a journey.

As a “patient testimonial,”

As a “patient testimonial,” I can say with certainty that my Hemp CBD Oil used twice a day has dramatically improved my inflammation response! My hands no longer hurt every day, my spine is trying to realign itself. My overall mood is improved (and it is great to feel happy in the midst of so much depression). My mind seems more clear, sharper.

Although I do have on a pain scale of 1 to 10, a 6.5 or 7 on back pain, it is manageable for the most part by simply resting. The overwhelming reality is that I can move and stretch! As my Hemp CBD Oil Journey continues, I am excited to experience relief from the daily burden of illness and pain.

My mobility is much improved

My mobility is much improved and I have stopped taking 5 Ibuprofen every 6 hours (200 mg per caplet). Saving my liver and kidneys!! I am using a sliding scale for dosage, my improvements are notable!!

Skin… Oh goodness, my skin. My body has not been kind. I am a myriad of scar tissue internally and externally. I have horrible skin ulcerations resembling skin cancer. Numerous biopsies from different sites show only “Cellulitis, folliculitis with Inflammation.”

The skin ulcers are clearing!! Typically they never heal… Or take months to finally disappear. My physicians never found a topical or medication to control these painful areas. I am being healed.

Hemp CBD Oil… I am my own medical study! Alternative Vibes… The Journey is real!





“As an individual who has suffered years of social anxiety and depression alongside undiagnosed GI troubles that have been passed off as correlational to “mental illness,” I have always been a firm believer in full plant medical marijuana.

However, moving from state to state and experiencing many different levels of legality, I have had great success relying on Hemp CBD Oil in particular. Not only does it help my mood and demeanor, it eases stomach tension.

I love the level headed energy I can maintain while medicating with Hemp CBD Oil and while I still believe in full plant utilization, I am grateful for an alternative that is safe in my current state.”




“I can’t thank you enough for changing my life! I have to admit I was skeptical at first because of all the talk people do and questions they have about it, but after trying it myself, I am now officially a firm believer and fan!

I ordered it for severe chronic pain issues, but the bonuses I got were also astounding! At first taking it, I knew something was happening to my body. Within the first week or so into it I was going to give up on it because it didn’t seem to be working strong enough, but my husband insisted I stay on it and wait and see. “Give it a chance,” he said.

The second week, things seemed to get better, but again I didn’t believe, but by 9th day I couldn’t deny! I was cooking and cleaning and organizing! Something I’ve not been able to do in over 7 years! My God! I thank God for you and your product, for I had no idea the relief it would bring me!

My FIBROMYALGIA, CFIDS, and spinal pain from spinal injuries was gone and the bonus was that even my anxiety from benzodiazepine withdrawal was gone! I can’t even brag enough about the mental clarity it gave me!

Thank you for being my guardian Angel!


Dina Rose



“Suffering from Fibromyalgia, herniated disc, Costochondritis, Psoriasis, depression, anxiety and insomnia.

Before I was diagnosed with any of this my doctors kept telling me I was depressed and that’s why I was having pain. They put me on so many SSRI’s, trying to treat depression. Little did they know it was opposite, I was depressed due to the pain and how it disabled me from being myself and doing the things that I love.

Unable to tolerate prescription medications

Unable to tolerate prescription medications, they made me feel more depressed and gave me more anxiety. I thought I was crazy and the pain was all in my head. I was losing my mind from listening to what the doctors told me. I was being treated for something I didn’t need. Then, a friend of mine told me about Alternative Vibes. At this point the pain was unbearable, I quit my job, stopped seeing my friends and family, even got out of a long-term relationship because I felt I was holding this person back from living a full life. I have an 18-year-old daughter that was having a hard time watching me go down hill so fast.


I started taking Hemp CBD Oil in January to treat my Fibromyalgia

I started taking Hemp CBD Oil in January to treat my Fibromyalgia  (it was my biggest concern). I started with 25mL nightly. My very first night I took it, I slept like a baby. No more insomnia. I was having Fibromyalgia flare ups 4-5 days a week. I’m down to 2-3 flare ups every 2 weeks!!! I actually went 20 straight days pain-free and cried with tears of joy, since I hadn’t felt relief in over 4 years. I also noticed the patch of Psoriasis on my arm was almost gone. I had no idea Hemp CBD Oil would help heal my skin from the inside out (I’m an Esthetician and studied the skin and all of its functions). I started to apply the Hemp CBD Oil topically to the psoriasis and it disappeared.

My mood is better and my mind is sharper and clearer

My mood is better and my mind is sharper and clearer. I now can see the big picture, literally. NO anxiety or panic attacks since day one of starting Hemp CBD Oil. I believe soon I will be able to live again. I was outgoing, adventurous and such a people person. This Hemp CBD Oil has changed my life and will continue to change my life. Thank you so much for all you have done. You’re a blessing and a life saver. I will be forever grateful.

My friends husband put the Hemp CBD Oil on his severe psoriasis — his was 100 times worse than mine — and the oil is clearing it up. I am amazed because he has tried EVERYTHING from natural and prescription drugs, nothing has worked.

Thank you so much for what you do. If it wasn’t for someone like you, I couldn’t be someone like me ❣️





My friends husband put the Hemp CBD Oil on his severe psoriasis — his was 100 times worse than mine — and the oil is clearing it up. I am amazed because he has tried EVERYTHING from natural and prescription drugs, nothing has worked.