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Today on Alternative Talk Bear Sayvong is joined by Adela Falk. Adela served as prison outreach coordinator for POW420. She represents our brothers and sisters, children, parents, grandparents…everyone wrongly incarcerated for unjust cannabis laws. Adela urged for judicial reform or at best a harm reduction approach to this war on cannabis. Falks foundation POW 420 advocates for people to write to pot prisoners, to pick your state, pick your inmate, learn their story, now advocate for reform using fact-based approach…where now you can say what it cost your city – it cost you..to have a new approach.She bealives learning from history helps us prevent it. People are serving life without the possibility of parole sentences for marijuana. Adela believes regulations are for business not what we the people do in our homes or on our lands. She strongly doesn’t support any regulations that allow anyone to continue to go to prison for pot.