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Today on Alternative Talk our host Bear Syvong is joined by Ryan Jennemann. Ryan is an entrepreneur, self-taught master cultivator and breeder of award-winning cannabis strains, and the co-founder of THC Design, the leading breeder and cultivator of premium, safe, organic, estate-grown cannabis in California. Jennemann studied at Oklahoma State. After graduating magna cum laude with a degree in Finance, he immediately began honing his entrepreneurial skills founding a successful sports business with his brother Seth Jennemann. Raised in Oklahoma during a time of cannabis prohibition, Jennemann witnessed his father suffer from major migraine attacks and the negative side effects of powerful synthetic drugs prescribed to him. With little to no access to safe medical cannabis at that time, Jennemann and his father Joe Jennemann grew a single cannabis plant in an effort to help his father’s condition. Seeing firsthand the positive impact cannabis had on his father’s overall quality of life only deepened Ryan’s respect for the plant’s medicinal properties and his desire to help those suffering access safe reliable sources of cannabis cultivated in an organic and environmentally sustainable way.