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Kenny Hunter was born in LaBelle, Fl. & is family to Hunter’s Tree Service.  He is also a graduate of New York Mills in Minnesota.

This is my fiance, Kenny Hunter.  He is 29 years and has been diagnosed with Colon Cancer. This is our story, and why he and I both need help.


Kenny and I moved to Orlando, December 31st 2016 for a new job position that would have been a significant raise to our financial situation. After the clock struck midnight, Kenneth asked me to be his wife, and I happily accepted.

Kenny had been having stomach issues, so after this point we found a primary care physician who said Kenny had ulcers, and could return to work within a few days. Kenny returned to work on January 16th, which would be the last day he would work for this brand new company.


On January 16th 2017, we rushed Kenny to the ER at Dr. P Phillips Hospital due to massive vomiting, we never expected to stay, but what was found was something none of us would have expected. A mass was indicated via cat scan, and we were admitted that very night.

As the days passed, we prepped to have Kenny to undergo a Colon resection. After having a MRI, they found that the mass was blocking him from digestion and he was heavily impacted. As well as may have having found lesions and what could be cancer on his liver. They moved us to UF Health in Orlando, FL. to be surrounded by specialists.


The Whipple Procedure
On January 24th, Kenny underwent surgery, involving two different surgeons, one for Colon/ rectal the other liver, and pancreas. When they began to operate they found that Kenny required what is called a “Whipple Procedure” which means they would need to take part of his stomach, pancreas, Duodenum (top part of bowel) as the mass had eroded onto these organs. The Surgeon that performed had to take his parts of his organs because it was thought to be Cancer.

The Colon Resection
He also needed 2 FT of Colon removed to successfully and safely remove the mass without puncture to prevent spread should it be Cancer.

For those of you that do not know what this procedure is.. neither did I.  Its rarely performed, and is typically done on people ages 60+.  This is a complicated procedure and and even more intensive recovery when these surgeries are done at the same time.

(As a matter of fact, I am creating this GoFundMe campaign from our 3rd hospital stay right now due to surgical complications. )


Pathology showed that additional removal of internal organs proved negative, but the Mass itself, its Carcinoma (Cancer) and it has spread to a few of his lymph nodes, and under question at this time, his liver.

Kenneth is being strongly advised to undergo Chemotherapy after he is fully recovered, along with another surgery to remove part of his liver. ( pending)

Why Go fund me?
During this time, Kenny has been forced due to his condition to resign from his new job, I have had to abandon my position, and put other opportunities for work on hold to be his 24 hr care giver and patient advocate , or simply put, his dedicated fiance who wont leave his side.

For the next few months, Kenny and I are on a very unpredictable journey to get him recovered, and we are off to a rough but highly motivated start.

Thankfully, for a few months, his parents and family have offered up what financial help they can, and will continue to as they can, but right now, Ken needs full time care, there will be bills to be paid, supplies to be paid for, food, gas, insurance, and as of now medical bills for 3 hospital stays along with a slew of tests and additional Doctors visits.  We are actively seeking assistance from the State of Florida , but that will take some time to get situated.

How can you help?
Should you be one of the people who asked how you can help or a stranger reading this, I ask for whatever you can do,even if its $1.00. If you are not in a position to give financially, then we graciously also accept prayer, good energy sent or sharing this story on sites where others can donate or read our story. These things are just as powerful and helpful in assisting our cause… Saving Ken’s life and ensuring our sustainability as we do so.

I don’t expect the full donation to be met , but they told us to aim goals high while making this campaign because we don’t know what the future holds. I know we will overcome this, but we do need help.


We have no income of our own, and fighting the biggest fight of our lives, but no matter what, we are ready to go into battle, and win this war!

It takes a lot for us to ask for help, but we invite you to put on your boxing gloves with us & help us…

Thank you for taking even the time to read this

Many Blessings,

Jessica Sanford & Kenneth Hunter



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