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Today on Alternative Talk our host Bear Sayvong is joined by James Meissner from #OnePlant. #OnePlant’s goal is to bring new and innovative American Grown and American Made Hemp Products to markets across America and the world! With over half of our country growing American Hemp again they are almost there. If we truly want to be a Great Nation again then we must lead the world in a new Industrial Revolution! Cannabis/Hemp can be that change! It is clear the lies of prohibition have started to unravel across this country and the world. The ball is rolling and nothing can stop it so let’s get behind it and push! Together we are an army of amazing power. But we must all work together. All the organizations and groups that fight for the “same” cause.. Cannabis “IS” the answer to so many of the problems that plague not just our country but the whole world! Cannabis “IS” medicine plain and simple. Hemp is the most nutritious herb/vegetable known to man. It is the most useful plant on the planet. Hemp biodiesels can replace oils and fuels that the world fights wars over. Hemp can replace all the plastic products that continue to pollute our environment. Hemp can stop deforestation. Hemp can build cars, planes, homes, and almost any product u can think of… Yes #ONEPLANT can do all this! #ONEPLANT is the answer! #ONEPLANT can save US all!