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How to Use

Dosing Suggestions


The FDA regulates industrial Hemp products as a food source/supplement, therefore we are not allowed to contest our products as a medication, or cure of any kind. The following information is to be viewed merely as an educational, recommended guide, and is not to be used in place of, or considered as a treatment or cure of any kind, for any specific ailment. The portions provided are a suggested serving. As with any new consumable item, always begin with low doses (.25ml or less) to build a tolerance. See “Micro Dosing” below.

The statements herein, and throughout are not a prognosis. Our product line should be regarded as an addition to your healthy diet regime. Please understand that we are not doctors, or medical experts. We are tremendously dedicated to enlighten you with the most up to date, knowledgeable facts. We have countless hours of detailed research under our belts, but we advise that you always consult your physician before incorporating any new nutritional therapy into your lifestyle. We thank you for joining us in bringing the quality of living, to life.


At low doses (20mg or less), hemp CBD oil could be stimulating. At higher doses (100mg or more), it can be a sedative. According to Dr. Dustin Sulak D.O., ” In general, patients with greater resilience and who are closer to balance in their physiology are more likely to succeed with lower dosages, while patients who have been sicker for longer sometimes may require aggressive dosing to control the disease process, then are able to convert to low dosages later, after they too are closer to health and balance.” For more details on micro dosing, click here. Some people may reap benefits from micro dosing, others may need a higher dose. Start low, listen to your body, and for medical advice always consult your doctor.

Tips on how to use

  • For those experiencing chronic pain: 2.5-100mg for an average of 25 days*
  • For those living with epilepsy: 200-300mg daily, for up to 4.5 months*
  • For those who have sleeping disorders: 40-160mg nightly*
  • For those suffering from schizophrenia: 40-1,280mg daily, for up to 4 weeks*
  • For those with glaucoma: A single dose of 20-40mg*, doses greater than 40mg may increase eye pressure.
  • For those using as a dietary supplement: 5-25mg during the day* may increase energy (try our Day Vibes with Wild Orange, Bergamot, and Ylang Ylang essential oils), and/or 25-50 mg at bedtime* may help induce restful sleep (try our Dream Vibes with Frankincense, Lavender, and Melissa essential oils).
The chart above is provided from, and you can read more on suggestions of how much to take, here.


We are all unique individuals who metabolize at different rates, what may work for one person could differ for another. The time frame for experiencing results varies. Consuming hemp products can be compared to the effects of taking vitamins, it is not instant. However, with frequent use, you may become aware of slight changes in the way you feel overall. Always consult your primary care physician for medical advice.

Benefits of Using Hemp Cannabinoids

Obtaining a medical cannabis card is not always an option. For some professionals who are required to take drug tests or work in a position that does not allow cannabis consumption, like CDL drivers and operators, hemp CBD oil may be a better alternative medication.