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About Us

Our Mission

Alternative Vibes is dedicated to bringing quality of living to life by helping families find peace and harmony through our services, education, and giving back to the community.

Whether you are looking for a more natural way of living, or simply looking for preventative options, we are here to help guide you in a path towards achieving your goals.

Our Vision

We envision a world enlightened through natural healing, where safe access to alternative treatments is an integral part of everyone’s way of living.

Our Core Values & Beliefs

These four principles of quality, loyalty, respect and honesty guides us in our business decisions and supports our overall mission of improving the way we live through honoring our elders and ancestors teachings.


We are dedicated to bringing quality in all aspects of our business — from products, to clients and customer service, and creating a positive workplace for our employees.


We are committed to helping families with this tough journey and also dedicated to helping those who are not familiar with alternative lifestyle choices.


We respect the privacy of every client, and examine every situation with utmost care and attention. Different people have different needs, and we believe understanding and assisting those needs starts with respecting them.


We believe that consumers have the right to know everything about our products. We pledge to never make false claims about our products, and to the best of our abilities, we will ensure that all our sources are legitimate.