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On the forefront of progressive movement in the world of medical marijuana there are a number of individuals pulling more than their weight in the battle for national legalization. Creed Leffler, a 24 year old #Cannvocate is far more than an activist. Creed is a success story. Originating and currently residing in Virginia, a state with strict medical marijuana laws and no supply opportunities for the states patients, he has successfully been able to treat his cerebral palsy and create waves of education within his state and many others. Creed worked hard to generate a thorough and conclusive petition, which many have already signed. A link will be attached at the bottom of the page, which we strongly encourage adding your signature to and spreading to others as well.


While cerebral palsy may be classified as a disability for some and impairment for others it is manageable with many forms of treatment. One such treatment includes marijuana use in its various forms, and Creeds story is one of great improvement and utilization of such. His bravery and experiences have led him to advocate on many levels for not only medicinal use of this incredible plant but for full legalization as well. His courage, determination, and inherently helpful demeanor all make him a force to be reckoned with. His strong communal ties and networking skills give him an upper edge that many may not have.

When it comes to national legalization of marijuana the battle has been raging for quite some time and the support from our citizens is only growing with more education and testimonials. This is an age of many changes and politically, the nations classification of marijuana as a schedule one narcotic is controversial to say the least. From the government’s ownership of the patent #6630507, which classifies “Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants” and validates many claims made by scientists and activists alike, to individual states maintaining differing laws, the legalities of cannabis consumption are increasingly grey. Many may argue that the legalization of marijuana would undo years of effort and progress of the “anti-drug” campaign that has been run by the US government, however acknowledgement of the patent which dates back to 1999 creates a whole new reason for reclassification of this miraculous plant.

Individuals like Creed are paving the way for movements and social media campaigns such as #BecomeACannvocateToday and #SaveALife. Both of these hash tags are proudly and prominently displayed on Creed’s incredible and newly adorned van, which he uses to travel across the states to various events in support of legalization. A quick search for these tags will lead you to his page and to those of many other supporters of this rapidly growing movement. All of us here at Alternative Vibes proudly stand alongside Creed and believe strongly in the legalization of marijuana, our hope is to educate and help as many people in our business journey as possible.

You can sign the petition at the following link: http://petitions.moveon.org/sign/petition-to-remove-marijuana

Follow Creed on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/creed.leffler